Lourdes, thanks to its human, associative and collective qualities, was able to bring cycling sport to its highest peaks: several World Cups and Mountain Bike Cups, several stages of the Tour de France, and a world-renowned training site by the highest authorities, with marked trails for all levels: the Pic du Jer and Funicular “summer-winter”.

Lourdes is also the gateway and point of departure to the most prestigious passes and through the most touristic valley of the Pyrenees. It is also the starting point to a multitude of sites allowing the practice of all cycling disciplines! ……

But LOURDES is also a spiritual place where millions of pilgrims and visitors gather: everyone comes here with their faith, their dreams, their sorrows, their doubts, their hopes. Every year, millions of people who are healthy or sick go to Lourdes on a pilgrimage to experience something extraordinary.